BMW i8 Coupe (I12) L3-1.5L Turbo (XB2H) Hybrid 2020 Manual de reparación






Año: 2020
Tamaño: 375,9 Mb
Tipo de documento: Diagrama, Manual de mantenimiento y reparación
Modelo: BMW i8 Coupe (I12) L3-1.5L Turbo (XB2H) Hybrid 2020
Idioma: inglés
SO: todas las ventanas, Android, iOS
Formato: PDF
Marca: BMW
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Accelerator Pedal
Accessories and Optional Equipment
Air Bag Deactivation Switch
Antilock Brakes Traction Control Systems
Antitheft and Alarm Systems
Automatic TransmissionTransaxle
Auxiliary Input Output Jack, Entertainment System
Battery System, Hybrid Drive
Body Control Systems
Cellular Phone
Collision Avoidance and Parking Assist Systems
Convertible Top
Cruise Control
Data Link Connector
DriverVehicle Information Display
Emission Control Systems
Engine Lubrication
Entertainment Systems
Exhaust System
Fuel Delivery and Air Induction
Heads Up Display Unit
Heated Glass Element
Heating and Air Conditioning
Hybrid Drive Systems
Information Bus
Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators
Integrated Accessory Switch Assembly
Keyless Entry
Lighting and Horns
Navigation System
Night Vision System
On-Board Charger Hybrid Drive
Parking Brake System
Power and Ground Distribution
Power Control System, Hybrid Drive
Power Locks
Powertrain Management
Radio, Stereo, and Compact Disc
Restraints and Safety Systems
Seat Temperature Element
Starting and Charging
Steering Mounted Controls Assembly
Suspension Control ( Automatic Electronic )
Tire Monitoring System
Transmission and Drivetrain
Transmission, Electric Drive
Variable Valve Timing
Vehicle Sound Amplification
Vehicle Systems
Wiper and Washer Systems


Removing and Installing_Replacing Wheel Electronics (Rdci) [REP-REP-RAI0136-3611533_RDCI – V.4] (Tire Pressure Module) – .pdf”
Replace Front Power Distribution Box [REP-REP-RAI1261-6114X02 – V.2] (Fuse Block) – .pdf”
Replacing a Tire [REP-REP-RAI0136-3612001 – V.3] (Tires) – .pdf”
Replacing Air Filter Insert (I12, I15) [REP-REP-RAI1213-1372001 – V.5] (Air Filter Element) – .pdf”
Replacing Drive Belt for Alternator (B38T0) [REP-REP-RAI1211B38-1128010 – V.7] (Drive Belt) – .pdf”
Replacing Fluid In Brake System [REP-REP-RAI1234-3400025BREMBO – V.2] (Brake Bleeding) – .pdf”
Replacing Microfilter for Interior Ventilation [REP-REP-RAI1264-6431010 – V.3] (Cabin Air Filter _ Purifier) – .pdf”
Replacing Power Distribution Box [REP-REP-RAI1212-1263586 – V.4] (Fuse Block) – .pdf”
Replacing Wheel Bearing for Front Wheel [REP-REP-RAI1231-3121180 – V.3] (Wheel Bearing) – .pdf”
Service Motor Oil (US Version only) [REP-ALG-RAI120-0000610US – V.5] (Engine Oil) – .pdf”
Stationary Wheel Balance [REP-REP-RAI0136-3610108 – V.3] (Wheels) – .pdf”
Troubleshooting Malfunction Indicator Lamp I12_I15 [FUB-HIL-HI-120001-A15 – V.8] (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) – .pdf”
Venting Brake System w_ DSC [REP-REP-RAI1234-3400050 – V.2] (Brake Bleeding) – .pdf”
Additional Work for Camber Correction [REP-REP-RAI1232-3200_STURZ – V.2] (Alignment) – .pdf”
Arrangement of the Cylinder for Combustion Engines [FUB-HIL-HI-110008-A18 – V.1] (Number One Cylinder) – .pdf”
CBS Reset [REP-REP-RAI120-0000337 – V.2] (Maintenance Required Lamp_Indicator) – .pdf”
Check_Top Up Oil Level In Automatic Transmission (Aisin I12) [REP-REP-RAI1224-0011500 – V.3] (Fluid – A_T) – .pdf”
Check_Top Up Transmission Oil In Electrical Transmission I12 [REP-REP-RAI1227-0011240 – V.4] (Transmission Fluid – Electric Drive) – .pdf”
Checking Compression of All Cylinders (B38T0) [REP-REP-RAI1211B38T0-1100039 – V.6] (Compression Check) – .pdf”
Checking Fuel Delivery Pressure (I12) [REP-REP-RAI1213-1331029 – V.3] (Fuel Pressure) – .pdf”
Draining and Topping Up the Coolant Circuit (Low-Temperature Coolant Circuit) (I12, I15) [REP-REP-RAI1217-1700011 – V.6] (Coolant) – .pdf”
Draining Off and Topping Up Coolant (High-Temperature Coolant Circuit) (I12I15) [REP-REP-RAI1217-1700012 – V.5] (Coolant – Hybrid Drive) – .pdf”
Filling of the Refrigerant Oil by Injection [REP-REP-RAI0164-6450INJEKTIONOEL – V.6] (Refrigerant) – .pdf”
Front Axle + Steering_ Wheel_Chassis Alignment Check Must be Carried Out After the Following Work [REP-UEB-RAI1231-3100_VERM_NACH – V.2] (Alignment) – .pdf”
Instructions for Handling R1234YF Refrigerant [REP-ALG-RAI0164-6450HINW01_BMW_I – V.8] (Refrigerant) – .pdf”
KDS Chassis_Wheel Alignment Check w_ Vehicle Load Up to Design Position [REP-REP-RAI0132-3200150 – V.3] (Alignment) – .pdf”
KDS Data Statuses [REP-ALG-RAI0132-3200KDSDATENSTAENDE – V.3] (Alignment) – .pdf”
KDS Wheel Alignment Check w_ Ride Height Measurement w_o Vehicle Load [REP-REP-RAI0132-3200155 – V.3] (Alignment) – .pdf”
Motor Oil Change (B38T0) [REP-REP-RAI1211B38-0000610 – V.8] (Engine Oil) – .pdf”
Notes On Changing the Air-Conditioning Compressor, Determination of the Coolant Oil Level.pdf”
Notes On Replacing Air Conditioning Compressor, Determining the Amount of Refrigerant Oil.pdf”
Notes On Wheel Bearing Replacement Following Accident Damage [REP-ALG-RAGRP31-3100-RADLAGER – V.1] (Wheel Bearing) – .pdf”
Notes Regarding Refrigerant (R134a, R1234yf) and Refrigerant Oil [REP-REP-RAI0164-6450HINWEISE_BMW_I – V.12] (Refrigerant Oil) – .pdf”
Notes Regarding Refrigerant (R134a, R1234yf) and Refrigerant Oil [REP-REP-RAI0164-6450HINWEISE_BMW_I – V.12] (Refrigerant) – .pdf”
Raising the Vehicle w_ a Vehicle Lift [REP-REP-RAI120-00ANHEB – V.3] (Vehicle Lifting) – .pdf”
Rear Axle_ Wheel_Chassis Alignment Check Must be Carried Out After the Following Work [REP-UEB-RAI1233-3300_VERM_NACH – V.2] (Alignment) – .pdf”
Remove and Install_Replace All Spark Plugs (I12, I15) [REP-REP-RAI1212-1212011 – V.6] (Spark Plug) – .pdf”
Remove or Install Front or Rear Wheel [REP-REP-RAI1236-3610300 – V.5] (Wheels) – .pdf”
Removing and Installing Power Distribution Box (Front) [REP-REP-RAI1261-6114X01 – V.2] (Fuse Block) – .pdf”
Removing and Installing RDC (Tire Pressure Monitor) Control Unit [REP-REP-RAI1236-3611105 – V.2] (Tire Pressure Module) – .pdf”
Removing and Installing_Replacing Full-Flow Oil Filter (B38T0) [REP-REP-RAI1211B38T0-1142020 – V.6] (Oil Filter) – .pdf”
Removing and Installing_Replacing Wheel Bearing of Rear Axle Shaft On the Left or Right [REP-REP-RAI1233-3341151 – V.3] (Wheel Bearing) – .pdf”

Repair Manual:

Accessories and Optional Equipment
Body and Frame
Brakes and Traction Control
Engine, Cooling and Exhaust
High Voltage System Disable Enable, Hybrid
Hybrid Drive Systems
Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators
Power and Ground Distribution
Powertrain Management
Sensors and Switches
Steering and Suspension
Transmission and Drivetrain
Windows and Glass
Wiper and Washer Systems